Kaa – Kanhaa Preprations


One more trip, new learnings, opportunity to prepare, to learn and to understand the world around us.

It began with three kids planning the trip with their mentor. Kanhaa Tiger Reserve was selected for various reasons. So after History now its turn for some Jungle adventure and we are fortunate that parents of one of the child have a house right in the buffer zone of the famed Kanha national park (in MP).

A week before the trip to Kanhaa Tiger Reserve at campus was dedicated for preparation of the trip and exploring the possible safety, arrangements, and travel issues and how we can both be prepared for the same as well as how we can take responsibilities of our actions so that we have a safe and enjoyable trip.

We began with what all can go wrong?
Kids came with with all kinds of things that can go wrong – eating poisonous fruits, teasing others or animals to scare of animal attack or getting lost in the public places.

Kids only came with solutions for all the concerns like ask guide or local people before eating wild fruits, stay with group, etc.

Next we made our wish list – whom all one would like to meet during the trip, what all one would like to do with legs, hands, what new experience one would like to have. This was to stimulate about the goal and setting up objective of the trip.

Next day we all researched on the places we are going. Information was found about Falls in Jabalpur and Forest reserve in Kanha. Group presentations were made.

Last day before we began our journey was dedicated to what to pack….

Tomorrow we will work on what to pack, what all to carry and other travel details.