KAA -Chitradurga


Kings and Kingdoms 1

Location: Chitradurga

Starring: Aarohi Kids On Tuesday,

Aarohi children (5 to 14 yrs olds) entered Chitradurga with their own Goal. In their eyes, excitement, desire to run around for deep exploration could be seen. Inside the chitradurga fort, despite having different goals, everyone stayed together. Together they worked on individual goals and sometimes group goals too. Elders were silenced and their role was reduced down to observer, photographer, and video taker.

Goals of children were many for e.g. Sculptures, understand material, architecture, fort stories, weather, old living style and many more. During the trip, children worked on many more things in addition to their goal.

Learning happened in many ways, from my goal, others goals, questioning, thinking, planning (day plan, trip plan, hourly plan), taking responsibility, working on independence, experiencing other language, working on my own/others safety, applying mathematics, observing scientific phenomenon, and many more other ways. Some of them can only be experienced.

genieaarohi's PR-KAA1 Chitradurga album on Photobucket