Justice MI way

How does one enhances the process of justice?”
Simple – Use MI.

Here is our story of Open House at O-campus, Aarohi life learning. Open house is the place to file cases on each other for any problem – behavior responsibility, beating, not giving chocolate – you can file a case here.

Well, the kids are judges, kids are audience and kids are solution provider. We have been having cases on behavior and the solutions have been becoming same………..

As a group we decided to explore others ways to bring value in our open house and guess what ? MI became the obvious choice. Each one took the ownership to bring value in our session through MI

  • Word Geni – Read about the various laws, bring stories which are on justice.
  • Visual Genie – Bring pictures, videos, comic strips, Amar chitra Katah on justice and get inspired by the witty way of Tenalirama to do justice.
  • Body Genie – Bring drama in the open house, solve case, read case with drama – create the drama with cases.
  • Music Genie- Bring music as welcome to set the environment of justice
  • People Genie – Invite people to be part of “advisory board”to help the solve the cases. Kids suggested we can invite people from Amable team, Trainers at GK, Trainees at Gk like Jagiriti, TTT etc, Other children like our cousins or friends, Parents and Grand parents. We can call them to ask for solution or send mail.
  • Self and Nature Genie – Bring things like EFT, mediation, GV, concept of body and mind, reactions to positive and negative environment etc to solve cases in different ways.