Just Two Months – Mother’s DIary – Aarohi X

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Anjali – Mother of Arham, 5yrs old sharing

When reflecting on the last two-month journey with Aarohi X,
Arham explored emotions, making different tents using different material like boxes as bricks, dining table as roof covering with a bedsheet to cover it up, with cushions, etc.,
He explored blocking the water in the basin using plastic to block the water outlet, he was so excited to show it to all the whole day. He is exploring making different shades by mixing up different paints. He explored Tabla, how to play it, and flute watched videos on it and following it.
He is exploring having a transaction of money by playing bank games. Taking a loan and returning it. His bank name is “Arham Bank”
Exploration is still continuing.
He experienced cooking in his hotel set up with selling up dosa, noodles, soup etc.had an interactive shopping game by setting up a shop of different items like utensils, toys, clothes, books with the transaction of real money. He experienced sand in different ways. He had fun reading with his brother and picked up the words from it, started reading the whole book by himself. He experiencing cricket playing in a team with making runs through running between pitch, boundaries, and sixes.
He is calculating the time, how many hours it takes for the next day to come like it takes 20hrs then after two days he says it takes 24 hrs. Don’t know the process of how he calculated. But I wondered looking at his calculation. He expresses his emotions using a visual chart of emotions and relates my, his father, brother’s emotion by our tone and action… He uses short cut keys to operate laptop functions which his brother shared with him. He connects visual words and reads them. apart into making rhyming words..
He comes on thunderbolt and shares his creations. He played musical games, doctor game with Leela. He played a game of hiding and seek with Kabir, Haran, played the game of cooking in the tent with Haran. Shared story of dog go dog with the group…
FRIDAY MULTIPLEX-still talks about the magic show… Which he liked to do. He shared that he liked showing my house in showtime…
Lots of many things are happening… In my view child is learning, exploring on his own way, through his own goals, planning in his mind. I think this is the way open learning unfolding his potential…

This is the journey of Arham in Aarohi-X till now. More is on the way…….