Just Three days!


Someone said “just three days in this week”! After the break week we began our sixth term on Wednesday, that left only three days at campus.

Well, the three day week began with term planning. Pondering over – What interests to fire, what to leave and what to continue. What to explore new and try new and what to continue. What about self and social life? How about family time? And that was the beginning of our term at the campus.

The spark began with planning and we forgot that it was just three days!

Football rolled on

Fitness spoke – yoga, running, stretching

Cooking flavoured

Rasam and more type of Rasam came alive

Web designing continued

System admins did not rest

Drums continued to practice to find that rhythm

Theatre was not behind to mesmerised

Solar heater finally heated water

Hot water continued to steam

Gardening was not left behind

Reading was not at rest

Auqponics moved a bit

Carpentry brought magic of creation of a washing cloth device

Sharing continued of home learning stories

For some studied science while some maths and some none

Some wrote a letter while some did accounts

Audio story recording did not sleep even in the night

Craft club continue to churn

“What you do for happiness ?” asked Ishani in a session on entrepreneurship

Team making session for campus care cried ”I need attention”

Some fell sick, some stayed strong

Music, chit chat, cooking, cleaning and hygiene found its own place

And series of session on documenting our journey continued with pride and frustration to bring smile

Guest came and went

Athena, our library held a session to share books “I would like to read in this month”.

And On Friday, ACTIVE WE said “Let’s make a wall” and the wall came alive with Rammed earth – no cement, no concrete – pure earth and ramming and that’s all!

Life did not feel any different in these “just three days”!