Just dance or Developing Thinking Skills

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For some The klubs are looked at as “interest development”, for some it’s just another class, for some, it’s a valuable addition to existing skills
But also what about a space to develop THINKING SKILLS?

One of the facilitators shared – “kids in Dance Klub are just bringing some videos, they watch the video, dance, correct each other, and create new steps”. One may think no big deal, nothing is happening?

But when looked through the various levels of thinking (we call him Bloom Uncle)- the discovery of these elements changed the way we look at things.

  • It is no more just getting a dance video but is also about evaluating which video to bring, knowing that such kind of resource is available.
  • It is not just dancing on video but also comprehending and using those steps tp practice
  • It’s just not correcting each other’s steps, it is also about comprehending, analyzing, and even evaluating (using all higher-order thinking skills) the steps.
  • It’s just not creating the new steps, it’s also about synthesizing, combining

Now compare this to a typical dance class – where all these skills are applied by the teacher – decide which steps to bring, give feedback to each student, correct other’s steps, think of choreography, and so on. All the thinking skills are used by the teacher, so the question to ask would be ”what do we want?”

It’s interesting to recognize these elements of thinking skills happening in different spaces in Klus at Aarohi. Now the question to all of us is to how do we bring these skills consciously in our spaces?

Peter Gray talks a lot about “learning through play”. But sometimes this brings a question to mind due to a lack of understanding of “what does play do to the mind” and our logical mind takes over and we end up taking the learning in our hands.
Watch this video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2BAJ_svbhA&feature=youtu.be