Juice Stall


It was a sunny afternoon, few kids got together to have fun and soon they were talking about a business idea of ‘juice stall’. The talks continued for few more days, dreams of business built for few more days. Next week they started turning dream in reality with their action.

Day one was ‘building up business day’. Few more got tempted to join this profit making venture. Some who did not got entry they volunteered to be cashier or washing juice glasses. Some were asked to step out as they posed competition. Some lead, some followed, some refused…

Day two was the day of shopping. What is the rate and how much will it cost? The day went in costing and planning.

Day three as action day- all juices made, filed in containers and transported to the chosen site of juice stall (on a road side).

Some put in lot of efforts to get customer at site. Some were cheated (As they expressed) and not paid. Some shared juice generously… some were supportive, some were aggressive, some were anxious, some were cool, some were consultant, some were dominating, some were accepting… each one was different and experienced this ventured in their own way.

They made loss and came back campus with disappointment and bubbling energy and expression ”Aunty ‘no more juice stall next time’.

In the whole experience adults only played to role of taking them to market to buy and take them to stall site and biggest was to listen to their endless stories.

Once the heat of disappointment cooled down they laughed and declared “we got lot of learning from the experience”.

Must watch video to see their first step into completely self directed and self initiated business venture.