Judgements and inner surface


Teen age brings excitement as well as confusion. A little listening, a little awareness, a little understanding and that’s all to bring joy in this process of growing up. Teen club – exploring judgements and inner surface

Are we into the habit of judging too soon? Based on appearance (cool or dumb), based on the choices (modern or backward), based on interests (silly or smart) … sometimes we get disappointed (how can that person do that, that person looks very …)

Kids also judge each other

Teens also do that

Adults also

and we all do this.

A small video, on judgement opened up the group to think “hmm judgements”. Followed by an activity to share judgement about the person sitting next brought an opportunity understand about judgement we make about others.


Often sharing is at surface level – movies I watched, cars my parents posses, teacher I hate, brands I like … but rarely go beyond that surface. A small video about how each one has something under the surface brought a thought “hmmm each one of us are fighting our own battle”. Followed by an activity by drawing tree of life to heal self.