Closing circle with a demonstration to understand our opinions/judgments

Guess about this person in the picture
Half Indian, half American
A girl
Boy girl mix
Goes to office, likes wearing a nose ring
Does care about others
Smiling always
Loves fashion
Loves making hairs in different styles
Likes to drink soup or chicken
Businessman, going to an office
Happy with family, does not get angry
Works in a tooth factory
Brushes twice a day
Average tall

What does it tell about us?
Reviewing the person based on what we are seeing
Making our thoughts based on what we see

We meet people
In movies, videos, in-person and assume or guess about people based on appearance, see the behavior.

We never have FULL information about anyone and based on what little formation we have. We tend to focus on what we see

Thoughts and opinions keep changing, Seeing only from our perspective

Invitation to start with “At this moment... the situation is looking like this… At this moment…this person is behaving like this!
What do you say?