joy of pets

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Joy of pets

Introduction of our pets: We have many kind of pets like fishes, dogs and cats. Normally they are really fun to live with and the do not trouble you too much. But sometimes i guess you will have to get out of your lazy mood take care of them. The names of our dogs are pepper and coco. And we have three cats pepsi, caramel and ginger. And fishes we have gappis so we can’t name them because we have too many of them. And there is one thing at least i would like to call our pets all of them should together be called the food family. Do You know why? because they have only food names.

The things we like in them: in dogs some of us like them to cuddle up and make us cozy. And they also chase us when we run so it is fun to make them run behind us. Even though we are the losers. They run like damn fast. What we like about the cats is that they just ask for love. And they are soooo cute for some of the people. It is always fun to give them food they just come on you like crazy and it tickles too much. And about fishes it is really fun to watch them wiggle their tail and swim further down and disappear into the algae water. When you put your hand the fishes come and start cleaning your dead skin and it tickles and it’s fun but sadly we are not supposed to do that because it might harm them.

Pepper: so what like about pepper is that he is always wagging his tail. And he never wags it straight he wag his tail 360 degree.


Coco: what we all like in coco is that she is always the first one to come outside the door and ask for something like a rub or just to pet her. And she is always hungry no matter how much food you give her she is never full. She also goes and eats from the cat’s food bowl.


Pepsi: in pepsi the good part is she never ever gets angry and fights with caramel or ginger. But she always comes and rubs herself on our legs when we are giving her food. And if trained she can be a spy she hides literally everywhere like cupboards, behind boxes and even inside baskets etc.


Ginger: so what we like in ginger is that he always comes and asks for food. He is so fluffy even though we can not touch him we can see it in him. And it is always easy to spot him when he is in the nature because her colour is bright orange. He often gets in a fight with caramel.


Caramel: in caramel we like that he is always open to belly rubs head rubs. And also he comes and bites our leg while we prepare his food. And he keeps fighting with ginger. And that too really bad like one day i saw him take out some of ginger’s furr.


Fishes: what we all like in the fishes are that they just swim so fast and they also wiggle their tails all the time. And we also like that when they go down they suddenly disappear into the algae water.

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Problems we face: the biggest problem is peeing on the pillows sometimes coco pees on the pillow and it is really frustrating she does it almost every day. Then is ginger and caramel fighting all the time. They literally scratch each other and chase. This is not a play fight because we know that play fights are way more gentle then this. This is really violent. And there is one more thing when we keep the windows open in the night for air pepsi comes inside and makes lot of noise. And even pepsi sometimes poops on the beds she sleeps on and it is hard for the pets team to clean up.

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