Joy of learning any language

The language was always a task to learn and they were categorised in first, second and third language and the importance of their weightage in examination.

At Aarohi we began with leaning language for need. At O-campus all the people around us speak Kannada or Tamil. Two kids in the group know both the languages – we take their help in communicating. We are also learning form them. We play games of language while we walk from railway station to pink house.

Recently visited Maharastra – now Hindi and Marathi became two most used languages for us – those tow kids started learning and understanding Hindi from us, form other people while we all continued to learn Marathi from people around us.

During one the session, which was in pure Hindi, one child started guessing with his body language. If the person was speaking about the home remedies for nose blocking, he was also touching the nose – and this gesture was enough for the child to explore many words in Hindi.

We all learn. One child keep checking the cooking ingredients in Spanish – the language leaning is joy for us. We play games, learn two languages at a time., sing songs of various languages, meet people and communicate with them, we enquire about various cultures and languages……..I am happy that we are able to RELISH the languages and they are more 1st, 2nd…………..language for us at Aarohi.

For you to laugh
Five year Sanju was excited about his new found joy of reading and writing english. He was obviously learning spelling keenly.
So while mom was cooking he asked her, “Mummy, what is AKLS”
Mummy replied, “Nothing”
In the afternoon when mummy was telling a story he asked, “Mummy what is MUTD”
Mummy replied, “Nothing, dear”
In the evening while on a walk he asked, “Mummy what is GORG”

Mummy replied, “Nothing, beta”
Again in night at dinner he asked, Mummy what is BITP”
Mummy gave a irritated reply, “Nothing! Now focus on your food”

In the night Daddy asked – what have you learned Sanju.
‘Sanju replied, enthusiastically, “Daddy you know, ‘Nothing’ has four different spellings, AKLS, MUTD, GORG and BITP”