Joy of Doing – Raising Wealthy Children – Mother’s Diary

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I listened to Ratnesh and Vishruti’s live session last Friday.. what Ratnesh spoke pulled a string of thoughts n I started my reflection journey with respect to:-
What was my kid consuming everyday? (nothing to do with food)
Was he digesting it and producing anything using what he had consumed?
And my list of consumables and production items is growing since then… I feel overwhelmed with these observations!
Would like to share one such instance-
I was telling him story of Sita Haran (Ramayana) and how Ram went to Lanka, how vanarsena helped with setu…etc
A day later he sat with his water colours n blank page and started painting… After sometime he came to me with set of 4-5 pgs n started showing me illustration of the story ( each pg was a frame for him of what stayed most with him from that story) Attaching here the illustrations.
And then in evening he built 2 Jatayus ,1 using his blocks n other using his train tracks and cellotape.
It’s fascinating to see how kids without much nudging can create magical masterpieces.. All my Jagriti learnings ran in front of my eyes. Process of Creativity (collection, imagination, doing), Taking a back seat n letting Kid Be…
In instagram session Ratnesh had said something like “boredom is a disease linked to consumerism, excessive feeding/consumption” (and this thought had stayed with me)
And I feel happy that since my kid keeps busy Doing something with his consumed stuff and keeps being excited about what he has done he has never come to me ( atleast till date) and said ” I am feeling bored Aai”
Our daily morning ritual of reading a book or two while having breakfast, many a times in company of all his friends (soft toys) Here we don’t just read a book, but on each page imitate the expressions, reflect on what’s happening in that frame, was there any possibility of other way the characters could have acted/reacted.. And both of us Just love this US Time with our love-Books!

Cooking time with Dad.. He chooses the tasks he wants to do himself. Fun part is to see him retrieve all materials n utensils needed- which we ask him to figure out what’s needed n he plans (no matter how high the shelf, he has started reaching it using his tactics without help)