a journey to the top of a rock

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Kaa travelogue

The travel: We started traveling around at 7:30 am. And while traveling we all were playing games like hand cricket, bluff, card games and verbal games. soon we reached a restaurant which sells thatte idli in bidadi. For 45 rupees we could have two thatte idlis with some butter and chutney of course to go with. We again started traveling. And in the second half i felt that i was alone in the bus because everybody was so quiet. After one or one and a half hours we reached ramanagaram. i felt excited that we reached so fast. And we could do lots of things in the whole day.


Kokrebellur: After reaching ramanagaram we went to kokrebellur where we saw a stork, coucal, crimson barbet, night heron and pond heron. And while watching the birds i felt so happy that we saw so many different birds. I didn’t expect to see so different birds at the place. after that we were starting to go to our bus but we saw a ice cream shop. each one of us got an ice cream it was refreshing. And i took a chocolate cone and i still asked for more ice cream from others. but of course no one gave me any only a few did give.

Janapada loka: after kokrebellur we went to janapada loka which is next to kamat lokaruchi. while going into the museum we saw rabbits and a giant wheel about ratnesh uncles size. the guide’s english was not so good but we all could understand. i got to know more about south indian furniture how they use to live in the south. in loka mahal we saw cool spears we even saw jewellery, puppets and musical instruments. we saw drums that call soldiers for war and the sound could go around 2 km. I was just amazed.

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Kamat lunch: we had a great time at janapada loka so we moved on to kamat lokaruchi for lunch. In kamat we could take only south indian thali. Which turned out to be good. And the bitter thing for me was the sambar in it with rice. But the good thing for me and for almost all of us was the buttermilk. It was tangy and it tasted like chat masala. we all had pan after the lunch it was so good. But i swallowed something horrible.

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Ramadevarabetta: after janapada loka we moved to ramadevarabetta vulture sanctuary. Well we could not go to the temple. When we reached there it started raining. And the uncle at the gate showed us two long billed vultures. It stopped raining and i felt so happy. Because we saw this by luck. Just at the start this was a lucky one. It posed to us for so long. It even flew in front of us. We all kept taking pictures of the two vultures. We all were even fighting for binoculars. To gaze at the birds.

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Check in and freshening: We reached the bus stop. but we could not find the rest house. Adhiban looked around and saw our rest house. davin and sahil went inside to check and stuff. After a few minutes we all took our bags and went in the room. lights were blue. It like i was in a party. Then we all got a cupboard under our beds. We freshened up and got ready to leave for dinner.

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Dinner: We left from the rest house to restaurant ramgad. And the food there was so good we had dosas and the dosas were so soft and the perfect karnataka dosas i like i don’t like the veg they gave us to eat. And it was so big and while eating we were playing hand games and verbal games. And the food came faster than we expected it to come. And we all wanted to have roti and some vegetable but dosa was the only option. Then zzzzzzz!.

Freshening and breakfast: We woke up at 6:00 in the morning. We got ready. Like taking bath, brush, poop and change clothes etc. We got our food in the rest house. The food was thatte idli with red chutney. After that we all boarded the bus. After a few minutes kowshik uncle and his friend susan came with us. Then we left for rock climbing!.

Rock climbing: We left from our rest house to reach gethna climbs rock. After traveling 6 km in our bus we reached. The rock looked so easy to climb. But that was when we were far away. Susen then climbed up to put the anchor so that we all could climb. I was the first to go. And it was easy to go up to the anchor. But coming down was scary and fun. As we had to rappel down the rock.

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Copy of IMG_20160827_090955.jpgThat’s it folks. Look and enjoy!.

Lunch: We went to hotel ramgad again but we went for lunch. For lunch i we had a south indian thali. And in the thali. We got payasam, rasam, sambar, roti, rice, curd and some vegetable. I felt they were good for the next climb. After half an hour or so we sat in the bus. To go to a rock on the other side from where we went.

Rock climbing: After lunch we headed straight to another rock in the opposite direction. When we reached there the rock was gigantic. It looked almost impossible to reach up there kowshik uncle climbed to put the anchor. And twesh went first and did a really good climb. When i went i felt scared looking down. I went near a ditch and got stuck. It started raining heavily. We got drenched. But we made it to the bus. Without getting our books and bags really really wet. I felt really cold after getting wet. We then headed for our rest house.


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1 kaa aarohi 2016 132.JPG1 kaa aarohi 2016 212.JPG That’s folks. look and enjoy.

Get ready: We reached the rest house. We all were changing clothes and some people even took bath. After that we had some time for reflecting our day. I didn’t write a just what all i did but i wrote what i felt. And that’s what i shared with you guys. While writing i felt that i want the same day again. And i don’t know how many more times. But i want this to happen again as this is my first rock climbing experience.

Dinner: We went to hotel ramgad again. My table took butter kulcha and paneer. It was like we were in a world of food. It was so filling. I learnt how much kulchas i can eat because it my first time eating a kulcha. We probably ate so much that our stomachs were aching well at least mine was. Our bill was costed a lot because everyone had the similar meal. Then zzzzzzz!.

Get ready and breakfast: We woke up at around at 6:00 in the morning. We then packed our bags. Our book’s dried over night and our other stuff. After some people i grabbed a pair of clothes and rushed to the bathroom to take a shower. Then we found a problem with our driver. Me sahil ad davin discussed with ratnesh. Then we told the agency to send us a new driver. We then had breakfast at ramgad. We ate more idli. It was so soft. We took an auto to reach lakshmi aunty’s house.

Pottery: After we reached lakshmi aunty’s house. We split into two groups. My group went to pottery first. When we saw him making two demo pots. I was amazed by what he did. But i was scared by his voice. Then we started by making ganesha models or peacocks. And uncles looked so good mine looked good to me. Then he even let us make pots on the wheel. I felt the gooey clay in my hands. He even showed us how he fires the pots.


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Lunch: After pottery we came back to lakshmi aunty’s house. There are right opposite each other. We put mats down and took plates had lunch. It felt so refreshing after i had the buttermilk. the curd rice was so good. Especially with mango pickle. lakshmi auty’s father gave us a small brief about channapatna toy making. The other group went to pottery to make horses. We finished our lunch. And got to work.

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Toy making: As i told you uncle gave us a brief. After that one by one we all went to make a bead. After one round everybody was done. We had a second round. I felt pain and soreness in my hand. Because you have to use your hands a lot. I made only one bead which i gave to aarohi. I love the way color is put on the toy. I didn’t expect to make such good beads. People who were not making toy’s were doing things like solving cubes sleeping. That’s it folks. Do it yourself.


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Snacks and leave. After making beads and clay models. We That’s it folks. Do it yourself.

gave all the uncle’s and aunty’s a thank you card each. We then headed on the opposite side of the road. We ate niputa and puffed rice. We had coffee and tea. We were talking about our experiences to each other while having snacks. Then we went back to our bus. Said goodbye and left to do some toy shopping.

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Toy shopping: After leaving we went to a channapatna toy shop ear kamat lokaruchi. We went in headcount wise. From 1 to 9 go in for sometime. 9 to 19 come in 1 to 9 go out and sit in the bus. When we went in i got exited and looked what i want to buy for 100 rupees. But me and skanda found tops so me and many more people took tops. I bought a top, whistle and mini figure. Even in the bus i was so happy. Then travel back.

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Thank you!