Journey with Rhythms & Instruments

Last week we explored our music genie objective of Rhythms & Instruments. Children’s experiences and expressions were reflecting their own journey into the world of Rhythms & Instruments.
So they shared with each other…
What is Rhythm?
  • it is a pattern
  • it is repetitive
  • when heard it sounds like a song
  • rhythm makes music
  • music has rhythm
  • rhythms are everywhere. It is heard in the bathroom flush also, if I tap on a book, there is rhythm in that also.
Ingenious musical instruments were being created alongside exploration of ghungroos, keyboards, tablas etc…
We just managed to get a glimpseinto the world of music during the music genie week. There is so much out there to explore, to experience, to learn. How do I do that? How will the children step into that world? How to get those experiences ? These are the questions which we need to answer.