Journey of Khoji’s at Swaraj


Khojis sharing their journey of Swaraj -Samyukta says she Learnt a lot about self.Jawahar wants to live his dream so in Swaraj.Self Directed Learning was new for Abhiram.

They shared, program at Swaraj is semi structure, because many of them come from main stream and it’s difficult for to switch completely into self directed.

Program of Swaraj is designed to live life which leads to selfsustainability. We learn to start building skills which will help to live life…find life which has balance between four things
What one likes/ interest,
What does the world needs?
What strength I have ?
What values do I have?

What we will be earning is not different from what we want to live. What I do. What are our values… It all comes together.One of the focus at Swaraj is ‘Perspective building’. Normally, we think about the world in one way. Swaraj shows up another perspective to everything. Social justice is another thread in their learning program. For example where does iron comes from ? Villages are displaced so that mines can be sey up. How are we connected to this injustice?We can choose what we want to continue in our life but the program of Swaraj show us different way of looking than how does the world looks at it.

Cycle yatra without money and mobile was to experience how can we change ourrelationshipwith money and scarcity. Other exposures are toexperiencethrough variousworkshops like food workshop to question where does food comes from? and what do we think about the same?’More is good’ says all the world around you but Swaraj shows otherperspective.Rethinking development is another exposure to bring different perspectives on what is development. Is growth and success really development?

While we go out and work in the world, peer group (Sangha) ensures that khojies stay connected to their goal. They cheer, they pull , they check with each other, help each other, make it challenging.

Eklavya period (self directed periods) begins with 1 day, 2 days, 4 days and even 15 days. This period allows to experience and explore what one wants to do.

Before coming to Swaraj we used to depend on some system or structure to move ahead in life. But now we depend on ourselves to move ahead in life, Says Abhiram. Who left his Naval Engineering in between because he never connected with what was happening there.

Making portfolio is important part of our program…it shows our strengths, gifts, and skills. This will allow perspective job giver to decide whether to hire or not.It’s not necessary to do 10th says Samyukta and Abhiram says ‘I did my 10th blindly. If I could have done it from beginning I could have done lot more from my life. Even in in college till ones complete degree – no freedom in what way you want to learn. You don’t have a say’.

Start with thinking why do I need 10th or 12th? There are many options to pursue your interest.

Someone asked – If you were to be 10 yrs again and relive l your life…I will question why do I need to give 10th or college, says Abhiram.I would have played a lot says Jawahar.I would have not go to school and stayed at home says Samyukta.