Jobs @ Aarohi


Last month we announced ‘Jobs@Aarohi. There was excitement to apply for job – some want this job to earn money and feel independent, while some wanted to apply for this job purely for their joy of doing and taking more responsibility.

Additional notice was sent to those who wanted to apply for job to earn money – “Job at Aarohi is primarily a learning opportunity – and not to be seen as one for earning money. Money, whatever, whenever one gets paid is purely incidental. We want all who take up Job@aarohi to focus on learning and realize that inside learning earning is embedded. Remember you start with a training period which will continue till you reach 80% responsibility and effectiveness”.

They appeared for job interview, understood the scope pf work and took up their assignment —starting a new journey in their life.

The Jobs currently available and taken up are

  1. Kitchen Manager
  2. Campus Warden
  3. Accounts Manager
  4. System Admin

Some of the job applications

I wants to apply for the job of system admin. I will help in any software problems in the best way I can and will be kind to others. I will be a good leader. I am applying for this job because I want a way to earn money and when a opportunity is thrown at me like this I will never let go. I am looking forward to getting this job.

If I get selected:

1- Internet problems will be my priority and the laptops shall all have their internet working.

2- Codes will be explained i a broader way so that all ages have no doubt with using the laptop

3- Wi-Fi shall be studied in campus training so tat everyone in the campus knows about the laptops body and more.

4- Passwords shall be passwords and they shall be a secret.


I want to aplply for it becuase it is fun doing accounts and it will be chalenging doing all the maths and it will become a good practice for maths and i can earn some money thats a bonus and i would want to experience it for a two three years. I am taking this job up as a challenge for myself. As you stated jobs@ aarohi are not about the money but about learning, I want to learn more about the computer as an object and the insides. It will be a new experience for me as it is a serious job which comes with a lot of responsibilities and it will be about helping others solve a problem.

The skills that I have are:

1) I am good at problem solving which will help me with the logical way to address issues.

2) I have good mechanical skills which include using screw drivers to open up a computer.

3) I am a harworking person and will not quit until the job is done.

During the process I hope to learn:

1) All about the computer and it’s parts.

2) Keeping up with new technologies.

3) Knowledge of security requirements.

4) Ability to follow instructions

5) Coordinate and communicate with people.


I, would like to apply for the job so that I can learn and understand how accounts is done. Also so that when i go shopping I can learn to handle it on my own.Also to enjoy the job. I believe I am responsible.


I like this job because I love cooking and like to work in kitchen activities. I love trying new recipes and new dishes. I love to serve healthy and tasty food to every one every day. I want to help akkas and Leela in preparing food like cutting, peeling vegetables, making chapathis, roti, rice, sambar, dal, kichidi, noodles, papad, masal papad, and cleaning vessels, floor, stove, knives, spoons, etc. I like to take care of groceries and vessels at kitchen. I like to reduce wasting of food. I like to bring more fruits and new recipes. I want to know how to bring groceries, vegetables, fruits, milk, bread,