Jingle-Mingle to understand self in a social environment. We live together but not necessarily we mingle with each other. We live together but not necessarily we connect with each other.

To explore what human relationships can be beyond just a statement ” my friend or not my friend”. The first step was to explore what can be more than just meeting friends. Few words came up – togetherness, expressing feeling, doing, helping, learning, chitchat, conversation, going together, traveling knowing, listening, memories…There are more than one way to connect or understand others and mingle with them. One does not need to stay with one image or certain beliefs about people around us.

We played the game “if you were my friend, I would have…”. And at the end Kids shared that “found more than one way of making friends”. We wrote letters ” if you were my friend…”. We realized that writing is powerful. Writing brings different expressions that just speaking. One often does not speak the same what one can write.