Jatre – Wind


Our reporter at the campus shared wind speed 23km/ hr. Wind speed at the campus has changed from 8km/ hour to 23km/ hrs. We can feel the flying power of the wind at the campus. The experience of change in speed called for a session on an understanding wind.

We pondered….

What is the wind? Can’t see, can’t catch, can’t catch, can’t taste, a mixture of gases and substance, can’t scratch, air going to the Ozone layer in a cycle of hot and cold, the breeze while moving around, fast moving air, it’s transparent, ..but what is the wind?Breeze is slow moving air, The Wind is fast moving air…then what is air? The Wind has many forms – storm, hurricane, tornado, dusty, soft, hard, hot, cold, snowy…The Wind can affect weather, can cause a natural disaster. ..but what is the wind?

We explored…How do we know which wind is? How do we measure the wind? Where can all wind be used? What is wind energy? How much weight wind can carry?

We ended the session with a demonstration of anemometer and wind direction. The journey stays with us as the wind around us continue to blow. While we were exploring the wind, someone in the group wanders to climate and weather and a question asked was “What is weather and what is climate?”.

One child answered “Climate is for the present moment! And Weather is for the long term!”

Well, we will explore weather and climate in some other session.