Jatre – WikiPedia


Monday with Chandu to explore Wikipedia.

What do we use Wikipedia for?
Have you ever wondered who put information in those Wikipedia pages?
Why is in any research the first page is Wikipedia?
Who is this Mr Wikipedia?
Have you tried anything besides reading articles?

The birth of Wikipedia came to establish the authentic knowledge-based as much authentic as an encyclopedia.

The thought that anyone can edit, contribute or delete information in Wikipedia brought some anxiety as well as excitement.

He further shared more about some guidelines of creating any content – people, event or topic.
He shared about how Wikipedia creates an authentic article – neutral language, reference and software to understand editing.

To create an article one needs to read a lot about that topic. One needs to have an understanding of that topic. So it’s not that easy or to edit any information!

He shared about other projects like Wikipedia common ( upload images for free usages).

And all this work is complete volunteering!

But the gain is that one learns a lot. And learn a lot about various things in the process. Is that a good reason for one to contribute writing in Wikipedia?