Jatre – Rocks and Minerals


It began with pondering
What is rock? What are minerals?
Where all do we find?
What all comes from rock ?
Where all rocks and minerals are used ?

When we looked around us, we realized that rocks and minerals are so much part of our life. We use them in wall, roof, floor, pen, watch, mobile, glass, blackboard, bangle and the list is long.

Minerals have five characteristics
1) Naturally occuring
2) They have to be solid
3) Inorganic – neither plant nor animal material (non living).
4) Fixed structure ( when you look Inside using tools like a microscope).
5) Definite chemical structure (similar elements).

When two or more minerals joined together it becomes rock.
How are rocks formed?

Igneous rock – when lava from the earth solidifies it forms igneous rocks. Granite is one of them.
Sedimentary rocks – Different sediments gets collected and forms a rock. Chalk is one of them.
Metamorphic rocks – rocks change their shape under pressure and forms. metamorphic rocks. Marble is one of them.
Rocks change their form in a long span of time. It makes it dynamic. We are unable to notice. So what we see today, might change after few 100 years.

How are rocks formed? How to identify them?

Do you wonder how did the mountain behind the campus come? What kind of natural activities happened few thousands year back which resulted in a formation of these rocks and mountains?

Resource to know more about geology-www.geology.com

The session brought us closer to rocks and minerals. Just an hour with Munish who is passionate about the subject was enough to stimulate our brains on the topic.Imagine Aarohi where there are no classes – because we believe that when children learn and teach each other – there is no need to separate them based on ages. All simply learn from whomsoever we can.