Jatre – Reading


Why do we need to read?
This was the premise of Reading Jatre. Some said “to develop vocabulary”, some said to “learn reading”, some said to “for knowledge”, some said ‘ for entertainment” and so on.

Read a poetry by H W Longfellow to describe war. Read a piece from Lewis Carol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Read about confusing words like ‘affect and effect ‘ from the book ‘Usage and Abusage’ by Eric Partridge. Read the speeches of ‘Brutus and Antonio’ from Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser and a story of Mulla Nasruddin.

We traveled to the war between Germany and Russia through pottery, Imagined the pain of Ceaser, got more confused with ‘affect and effect’, understood why we are all MAD and continued to ask ‘ why do we read?’.

Can we also read for
For making a connection (with the author)? For imagination?
For different perspectives?
To find a friend ( in books)?
For thinking?

Let’s look at reading beyond a skill of reading. Let’s read to enjoy life, to live life.