Jatre with Mr Narasim

Jatre with Mr. Narasim, a session of stories, not made up stories, but real life stories. It was blessing to spend time with Mr. Narasim Katary, a young at heart 77yr old. He is a retired state judge of Canada elected by people for three consecutive terms (each term is 5years) with amazing narrative skills and language. His forefathers hail from the Grand Vijayanagar empire. He is a Founder Trustee of ‘TrustCanadia’ an NGO which works on upliftment of one village at a time, currently Kandavara village of chikkaballapur district.
The world is our curriculum and we learn from anyone visiting the campus. We are blessed to have people from different walks of life sharing their wisdom with us.He began with asking – What is Law? How is law different from justice? Is justice is a distribution of labor? He shared about various laws – administrative and constitutional laws, financial laws, family laws, and property law. He believes that we all have the ability to learn by ourselves. Anyone in India can earn and learn what they want.
Pople can rise from ashes – he shared his family story. The royal family of Vijaynagar lost a battle and left to beg, in 1910 a young boy in the family was born, studied hard and in 1967 retired as chief secretary of Karnataka. He was the father of Mr. Narasim.
The story provoked a series of questions – how do you know the story? How do you know so old story? Who told you about this? Are you related to Krishna Dev Rai? Did you study manuscript? How do you know about your family(the year 1300)?
He shared stories of battle, courage and war strategies.
How did you become a judge with an engineering degrees was the next logical question? He shared his life story – He started working as a structural engineer and became a city planner and worked on development economics. He started writing about the property issues. And he was recognized for his work and invited to become a judge. He studied hard to know the law. His message “Don’t fall for degrees, go for hard work and work rightly”.
He shared a story of Sir Vishwesraya who walked 6 Kms to attend school. His father could not pay the fee of Rs 6 to enter SSLC examination. He is the same child who changed the history of Karnataka.
He shared, ‘I am not smart, I am not intelligent. I just work hard. Don’t settle for little things”. Work hard was the message by him.
His thoughts – “The 55 minute Jatre in the Dome was helpful to make the only point I wanted to make, namely, everyone can overcome adversity given sufficient drive, effort, and good luck, of course. I am hoping that my dad’s story will touch one or two so that they do not get discouraged when faced with challenges. I do not know if some got the main message. The time I spent with young learners after lunch was very productive. In a non-structured way and with a sense of humor I got across my main message. Some were quite fascinated in speaking to me about all kinds of things. What I learned from them is that the young ones that I met are hungry for knowledge”.
Imagineaarohiwhere there is no teaching – because we believe that children can decide how they want to learn – on their own, with each other and from various resources, etc.
ImagineAarohi, a life education, where learning happens because children want to learn from their life – for their life.