Jatre – Levers


Where do all we use levers in our daily life?
Try wrestling with your elbow down and I’m the air. When it is easier? Lift some weight with your elbow straight and with your elbow supporting at the floor…which one is easier? Life a pile of books with your little finger and then lift with a roller pen…which one is easier?
What is happening?
What happens when you apply force in a straight line and when you bend it (apply in a curve)?
Why do we put handles at the end if the door and not in the middle? To hold a hammer where do you hold from point of rotation? Where do you put in more efforts? (never thought that there can be a scientific phenomenon behind such simple things in our lives).

Linear motion and rotation movement acts differently.
Why the efforts reduces when we use rotation point?
Why distance decreases the efforts?

It was nice to see Levers in our hands! We just experienced the role of the Lever without any definitions or formulas – but we understood that distance matters in applying force (hammering while nailing or handle of a spoon while tapping Pomegranate).

Different kinds of Levers in our daily life –https://prezi.com/i6wsig2o7rlr/first-class-levers-in-our-daily-life/