Jatre – Germany


What is all Germany for us?
Berlin, Football, Cars, Wall of Berlin, Europe, Dutch language,

More we explored with Julia and Miriam (volunteers from Germany) – Democracy, time zone 3hrs earlier than India, Common religion is Christianity, Right Hand Drive, National day is3rd October( Berlin war reunited), Castles, River, Forest, Carnivals in Cologne, Chocolate ( Nutella)

Symbol of Eagle, Leading economic power, Recycling, Social system, Literature, Science ( Einstein), Refund ( buy a water bottle, give back the bottle and get some part refunded), Diligent people, Time is important, High degree difference ( -15 degree to +35 degree), climate is summer and spring, World wars, October fest (Munich), Beer, Traditional clothing, Alcohol only after 18yrs old, Favorite meat is pork, Bread, and Success (whichever field you are in, be successful). Slavery is prohibited.

Cities – Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg,

South – mountains ( Alps)
North and East – Sea

The most discussed topic was ‘School compulsory for all kids”. And the statement like “If you don’t go to school, police will come home”.

Hello – Hallo
Bye – Tschuss,
How are you? Wie get es dir? (Good – gud).
Thank you – Idanke.

After every Jatre we come a bit closer to the topic, people, cultures and ourselves.