Jatre – Food and Health


It began with a minutes silence.
“You are what you eat”. What we eat it has its own characteristics. What we put in the mouth can be good or bad it depends on what it has. And whatever goes inside, becomes our body.

Who do you want to be handsome, tall, beautiful, strong?

When you think of STRONG, do you think of an elephant, gorilla or rhino Saurus?
When you think of SPEED do you think of A horse,
When you think of TALL, do you think of A giraffe?
When do you think of CUTE, do you think of Rabbit?
Abd they eat roots, grass, fruits, seeds, bark, and raw.

Are human beings made to eat meat? Our intestine size, our teeth are designed to eat plant based food. During evolution, we all came from Amoeba. We became human factors to Apes. Our guts became small and brain became large.

When we say plant based, what does it means? This means, raw food or gently cooked food including fruits, nuts, greens.
Why do we eat what we like to eat? ( Biscuits, cake, chips, fried stuff).

Some tips to avoid food which is not good for health ( so called junk).
Eat only on special occasions.
Eat with friends and family.
Make them at home.
Change the way you think about taste. If you change the way you think, you can change your taste. With junk good body does not reach the state of satiation, because our body is not made for artificial taste. So the body gets confused. But with any natural food like fruits, the body reaches the state of Satiation.

How to healthy and tasty food?
We run away from a sea wave when we experience it the first time. This is same as starting healthy food, fear of not able to give up those food habits. What we taste regularly it becomes our taste. We can acquire the taste of any food. None can make tasty food for us, we have the responsibility of making our food tasty.

Play, exercise, observe your body and have fun in right way.