Jatre – Engine


His first presentation.
His attempt to throw himself in front of the audience.
He worked hard to know more about engines.
He worked on himself to come out of his own inhibitions ( I can’t, I don’t, mistakes means others laugh).
He worked on making the presentation.
He worked on composing his flow of the session.

An hour session where he shared about parts of theengine, about theengine, pistons, cylinders, fuel, four-stroke process, gear system, differential and so on. He shared about petrol and diesel, to explain to us, he needed to understand himself about properties of petrol and diesel. Some he understood, some he could not answer.

He used vocabulary in his presentation – propeller shaft, combustion, torque…and so on. Some he understood, some he shared ” I also didn’t understand”.

He began with a question “Why do we need anenginein any car?” and we just spent an hour understanding about engines…some process went over our heads, some made us think, some left us pondering, some we new for us and some we connected with the life around us!