Jatre – Cyclone

Is there any difference between Cyclone, Typhoon and Hurricane? Do they change names with their nature or different countries? Where are cyclones formed? Why do they are born in Ocean? What is Tropic? Why cyclones formed only in Tropic oceans? How does the difference if the temperature leads to Cyclone? What is the eye of cyclone? Why it is the calm part of the cyclone? Why eye keep moving? Why do cyclone die down or weakens near land? What is the mature stage of cyclone? What is the origin of cyclone? Will it die if it goes through cold water? What harms in cyclone – the speed of the wind or the rain? What to do when you get the report about cyclone coming in your area? Why will cyclone not reach Bangalore? Why do we get side effects? What is the rating of Cyclone? How much is the area covered by a cyclone? What is the speed of wind in a cyclone? Are all wind cyclone? Can the cyclone stay in one place?
Well, all questions covered in an hour session by one of the children from the community. He began to read (watch videos) after the recent Ockhi cyclone in the Arabian sea. The effects of the cyclone were felt at the campus with rains and cloudy days. The sources of learning were mainly various videos. No adult who had previous knowledge of Cyclone was involved. No teachers, no class or no exams were required to gain this knowledge and understanding of the world around us.
A video compiling all the above helped in further understanding about the process of a cyclone. Various examples from the daily life were used to further understand the explanations (steam in a steamer rising).
The session aroused curiosity about the world of Cyclones!