Jatre – Clocks


Horologist, a person who makes clocks and repair clocks.

Naveen, now a entrepreneur in making Montessori material started his journey with his family business of watches. They were Horologists !

He shared his story. His grandfather (60 yrs back), a weaver was bored of his work. He was looking for a challenging job. He got fascinated with repairing watches, seeing an old man who used to repair watch on road side. He would go and sit next to him and observe him working. Also he would get clocks/ watches on rent, open them and understand the mechanism. In six months he gained confidence and skills to start his own shop. He was 4th pass, could not even sign but very skilled in his work. At one time he became so popular that Maharaja of Mysore would send his watches for repairs.
All his five sons got involved in repairing and business of watches. At anytime there would be around 500 watches to repair.

Watching a video on history of time gave us glimpses of evolution of watches/clocks. Each problem have birth to another invention.

History of time – Shadow watches, Water clocks, Water alarm clock, Mercury clock, candle clock, Hour glass, Wall clocks, Quartz clocks, Wrist watch, Atom watches.

Opening one of the clock was the most exciting part of the Jatre. Seeing inside the clock and exploring the tiny little parts created curiosity.

A simple machine, just made up of few wheels (gears) and a small mother board and a battery can do so much of magic!

Thank you Naveen for adding joy of TIME in our learning journey.