Jatre on Boxing with Corrie


Corrie sharing about her journey.
Born in Philippine, lived in Canada, travelling to India since last year.

She has been part of the various competition in swimming and boxing. Meeting a professional lady boxer was an event itself for most of us at the campus.

Sports was an answer to not get into a destructive path. As per her the training builds a lot more patience and helps overall in your growth not only as a boxer but as a person also.Early morning run, sweat, no junk food, stamina, building lungs capabilities, weightlifting fitness, food, sleep are just some of the parts of training. It’s just not about punching but bringing balance in the body and this becomes an integral part of the training.

Knock out, punhces…are the first words comes our mind when one talks about boxing. But there is lot more goes in to a boxer to get to that point. It was scary for her to get into the ring for the first time. She wasn’t sure if she was ready or not. Her coach helped her in mental preparation. As per her coach whether one looses or gain … it’s the perspective that defines personality. As per her It’s not about getting into ring, but what all you do before you get into the ring.

A video on footwork threw light on the world of boxing and it’s intricacies.

India was her childhood dream. She would watch travel show with a lot of curiosity. She just wanted to come to India somehow. She feels at home in India. She is exploring and travelling to learn from people and eventually create a community.