Jammed pack train

On Monday we entered a crowded train, we normally get the space to sit, but this time did not even get space to stand. As we moved ahead, more and more people keep on adding and at Hosur it was jammed packed – next was our station.

This was a tensed situation, easily justifiable to fight with our co-passengers – five kids, all with one shoulder bag and jammed packed train. We slowly started moving towards the door, but it was juts not possible, all were thinking that others have space to move, hence cooperate – including me :–)

In this chaotic situation one old man crushing us passed by, he had to urgently visit toilet. It was time to laugh – I started laughing at the responses people were giving to move, soon kids started laughing and soon the whole boggie was laughing at our situation. Noone was angry with anyone – we all were laughing. Somehow, we squeezed to ourselves to tiniest drop and made our way and got down at station. When we got down we were rolling with laughter – people from train waved us good by with laughter.

This was the most hilarious journey.

  • As soon we got one child expressed “People were so nice, everyone wanted to give us space and they all were laughing”.
  • One child shared later, this was horrible, noone was giving space to get down.
  • When we sat in the car, one child expressed “now I know what is space and how does it feel to sit, I do not mind if we have more people in the car, till I am getting a bit space to sit”.
  • Our car was full, but we made space for one more lady who wanted us to drop till the junction.

We all took our own learning from this train journey. My heart filled with joy to be able to connect with many people in the boggie. I was not tired after standing 1 and half an hour in the train.