Jain food (winter camp 2015)


We are blessed to get exposed to different cuisine at campus, as visitors of different walks of life come to Aarohi. In winter camp we got a food request ‘Jain food’. On day one, in our dining room, there was a curiosity ‘what is Jain food’. By day three, curiosity was high, so we asked kids to share about jain food. A session was planned with them. – It began with Jainism, Jain culture and yes Jain food,

Children shared their curiosity about Jainism by bombarding questions to Jain children in the session. Children answered all questions patiently, discussing within themselves when in doubt,

Some of the quetsions

1.Why they don’t eat certain vegetables grown underground ?

Jain’s don’t eat vegetables grown underground because they think they cannot take away the food of worms in the soil and also tiny organisms are injured when the plant is pulled up

2.What is sin in Jains ?
Sins in Jainism: Ahimsa – killing/hurting, telling lies, stealing, possessiveness on worldly objects

3. How do we come out of sins in Jains?

Unknowing sins are pardonable.

4.What will the guru do when they come home?

Guru’s come home to do prayers and as part of Bhikshatana

5.Why does the guru hold broom kind of stuff in hand?

The stick in guru’s hand is used to clear the path and move away ants/worms safely instead of stamping and killing them

6.Which God do Jains pray?

They pray Mahaveer Jain

7.Will the children do not get tempted with foods what others have?.

They also get tempted with friends food

8.How they take care of their temptations?

Temptation is controlled by moving away from the place

Last question left us pondering with some food for thought! The whole interaction was worth a life time to understand the culture, thank you Arnav, Shay and Aayush for your patience and sharing.