Its not just Paper Folding


It’s not just paper folding – there is a complete education system within this one passion this 12yr child has at this moment. Some may like to discard it as just a hobby, a waste of time, just play – but this 12 yrs old is creating his education around this one passion he has.

One day he asked “I have a practical problem: I have rectangles which are 77×55 cm big, I want to cut squares which are 25*25 and 15*15 by wasting the least amount of papers. I need both sizes of squares but not necessarily in equal qty

He folds paper for 4-5 hours a day – some call it origami. He not only folds it, but he also endures it – read his latest 48 hrs marathon on origami! – a-twelve-year-olds-experience-at-the-origami-world-marathon-2020

He does maths to get a deeper understanding of the same
He is also exploring other aspects of the design to understand this one interest called “origami”.

What future unfolds for him – well, there are many options but what’s the hurry to design it now – how about just enjoying TODAY!