Its my goal

It was a Saturday evening. Astha was working on her lyrics of sunshine song. She was keen to take Indian classical song. She was already ready with one lyrics and MP3 on Thursday morning. As she was challenged by Aditi, she decided to change the song. She asked me: ”maa, what is classical song?” I told “I do not knowL. Let us listen to various songs and find out. I am with you.” We listened almost ten to twelve songs from my laptop. According to our understanding we choose three songs. Now she took inputs from three family members (2 adults and one child). All agreed that this is a classical song. She checked on internet and read about classical music. She shared with me “mumma, my first mile stone is achieved. Now I have to get the lyrics.” She tried on the net to find out lyrics till late night. She could not find it. She slept as it was late. Other day morning we had some work. we went out and came by afternoon. She now started her lyrics work. She came out with the idea of using my and Vishal’s laptop. She was listening to the song on my laptop and writing the lyrics on Vishal’s laptop. I was doing some other work in the same room. She was deeply involved and working really hard. For each word she was listening to the song again and again as it was really difficult to catch the words. The song had many snippets of indian classical surs like “sanidhapa pamaga….” At seven thirty in the evening, she came to me and asked for help. She told “maa, I am almost done can you help me in checking and taking print outs?” I helped her for the same.

I enjoyed her involvement, commitment, her struggle as well as perseverance.