Inventor for a day


“Become Galileo for a day and imagine how he would have discovered the moons of Jupiter? or how he made telescope?”.

One of the days – I was a KTM bike, while one child was Columbus, another was Leonardo, Abraham lincoln, Narendra Modi, Leonardo da vinchi, Mozart, etc
Everyday, we all came up with some stories about “who we were” – What was about Christopher apart from “discoverer of America?” What kind of man was he? What made him a discoverer? Did he only discover America ? Did he one day got up and went for his voyage and discovered “America”? What kind of technical details were available – ships, compass, mobile etc?

The whole experience led to reading a about different people and TALL TALES sessions in the night led to sharing and enjoying talking about them. Do you know Fairies do not like salt and bread and also they like manners but do not like to be thanked :)?

One child was leonardo da Vinchi, so – he declared “I am going to be inventor today.
He invented “a fan cap”: When you go out in the sun you put this cap which have an inbuilt fan. He did not have a switch so he invented his own switch.
Someone told him “Leonardo also used to sketch a lot” he expressed “I am not that Leonardo”.

Watch his video.