Introduction to process of Design, Discuss, Do


The session was about Introduction to the process of Design, Discuss, Do

Design – Any Project we take, we start with the exploration of the idea called Design which includes What we want to do? Why do we want to do it? What resources do we need? Who all are teams? what role each one play in a team? What all work is involved? Whose permission do we need to start the work? Where will we do? Who will maintain the project?

Discuss – is all about to get more ideas, to find alternates, to share our doubts or what are we stuck with.

Do – Action. Get onto your job of doing.

Children were receptive to design their project, they discussed and discussed their plan, roles. They all started with what to do until how to do it. They were asking doubts, sharing problems. made their mindmaps, questioned each other, made fun of each other ideas, worked together, some ideas accepted and approved in the group, some discarded.

What Worked Well:

  • Some children confused and could not connect with the thought of doing a project. They chose the option of going to their classes. Only interested children joined the session and were fully into it.

  • Music and Visualisation in the Starting went well and many were involved.

  • Welcome and Reflection also was fun for children, using hands to wag and wave. Very few were able to express in reflection.

  • Silence Poster visual helped to come back to the session.

  • Overall active participation, coming out of shyness, girl-boy interaction has been improved.

What did not go well – Timings could not be maintained, Some tool to get back from the group to circle time could have planned.

Next Session: Focus on the action – Children will get permission from the concerned person, collect resources or brainstorm how and where to get it? Work on the field to figure out or visualize their work – how does this come. Getting designs, posters, labeling and so on.