Intro Session on 31/07/2015 @ PUP Tamil school


The session started with saying good afternoon differently…. Using our ears and hands…. Kids were involved in doing it… Then kids were made to sit in 2 concentric circles as we couldn’t make a single circle… Then we introduced ourselves one by one telling our names along with 2 things about us and something that we wish to do…. few wanted to tell first, few wanted to go to the toilet, few wanted to drink water. Kids were not interested to listen to others, as they started to talk among themselves. So I introduced zipping the mouth and person who is to talk alone unzips and talks, went well for some time and again they started discussing among themselves…

So I shifted to the freeze game….. most of them were involved, initially few were putting their head down and then slowly started to move their body with a smile….

Then kids were asked to imagine themselves as kings & queens… and make a crown which should be decorated with all ur likes, dislikes, needs, enjoyment, friends, games, nature, heros…….. Talked about the constraints also….

Then I started to give the chart strips in groups….. other groups were moving.. Kids were very eager to make the crown…some wanted to make a rocket shaped one, another robot, flower…. It was interesting….. Each of them wanted to complete the task either with another person’s help or by themselves…. The resources (especially scissors ) were limited- only 10 for the 65 kids(initially planned for 45kids, so there was a bit of confusion, and kids were restless, moving to other groups….moving to the restrooms, few wanted to drink water….few have made their crown and were happily wearing them.. with the decoration.. few were also helping others in need… It was a bit out of control…. There was a pooja @ a nearby temple, there was some music being played there and kids were also excited about that…and were moving towards the window to look….. As I had a time constraint, I told them they could work at home also….

Then the resources were collected and then few kids cleaned their classroom by picking up the waste bits of charts on the floor… Slowly tried to settle them for the review….. by asking them did they see the moon today…… few said yes.. few said no…some said it comes in the night only…. So I asked them to observe the moon and imagine how it would be if we had our home and school in the moon…. Kids were given an option that they can either draw/ write about how they would like it to be, what type of plants, animals, garden, vehicle they would wish to have and asked them to bring it for the next session…

Meanwhile a child informed that the food is ready… whoever wants to eat can go….. few ran away, few were looking out, few didn’t know what to do….. I said Thank you and started packing my stuffs….Few kids surrounded me and asked will u come on Monday… I said, no. I will come on Friday…..With few bye byes I parted….