Interest and Exploration


And with this open structure – how does one “learn” anything? One also wonders how can one move ahead when one does not have a specific interest or one has very specific interest, one is confused, also what if one needs a guide and so on – each child is different. SOME of the OPTIONS are

If the child has a specific field of interest then the child can do REAL DEEP into it – maybe maybe even converting it into a professional path. The journey of deep diving would start at Aarohi / home. As and when the child needs specific inputs in this – then child would do specific internship or join a specific academy.
What Aarohi offer is intense mentoring with deliberate practice plan and support via internal or external resources. Connecting with resource people, internship and / or academy, as required.
Examples: Three kids in Football, One child into book writing and other one in cooking.

If the child, at this age, is still not sure of a specific field of interest then many a times the parents want to quickly fall back on thinking of 10th / NIOS. That is definitely an option (see #3 below) but we believe this age is not necessary the age to finalise one’s interest / career etc.. Many a children or adults discover their real passions much later in life and possibly need more exploration. Child could explore more areas, while simultaneously going little more deep into the few current interests the child has. Here either the child discover passion and move to option #1 above or as a back-up gives NIOS – as option 3 below. The journey of exploration with some deeper diving could happen at Aarohi / home.
What Aarohi offer is mentoring for both exploration and deliberate practice plan for interests – to help the child experience depth in this chosen interests.
Examples: One child with interests in games design, craft etc, Another one with interests in programming, drumming, One more with interests in Biology and Music, Another one with interests in Art and Botany, etc.

#3 NIOS (10th, 12th) and COLLEGE If the child, and parents, at this age, think that giving 10th and 12th is more important and exploration can continue side-by-side – then that is also fine and can be supported. What Aarohi offer is form Study circles for these children and they can with subject specific mentors work on their exam preparation via deliberate practice. Examples: One child looking for 10th/12th to become a pilot.

#4 LOADS OF EXPLORATION One of the underrated option is not to have any major interests but explore by doing a lot of stuff. Here the child flutters around like a butterfly embracing multiple opportunities. There is not hurry to reach anywhere. Busy-doing-many-things is key here. What Aarohi offer is loads of loads of explorations, internships, resource people and yes travel! Examples: A child exploring Sustainability, Art and natural products. Another child exploring Drumming, interest of psychology and cooking, Another child into drumming, computer programming and making mud building. Another child into designing and jewelry making. Another child into carpentry and computer programming.

Imagine a learning community for children (and adults) where there is no curriculum – because we believe that children can decide what they want to learn, how much they want to learn. So children effectively choose what they want to do or learn from whatever is worth doing or learning in this world.