Few interactions…..

I was working and a word OPTION caught my attention.One of the child was talking to grand parents “You have three options, one is you can come and give my b’day gift here at campus, second is you can send by courier and third is you can give to my parents when they are coming they will bring’.When it comes to freedom and choosing what I want to do, life revolves a lot around ‘options’. We choose from the various options we also give space to others by giving them options 🙂

Some of the announcements during our planning in the morning……. .Someone threw plastic on the ground take care, plates were not washed, wash them properly, and so on.One of the day we had similar announcement but with a difference -Someone threw plastic near passion fruit plat and that’s me.Someone threw food waste outside pit, and that’s me.Someone left a glass of bournvita outside kitchen and that’s not me.

One child asked me “why do we eat food?”I said in my philosophical mode…hmmmmmmmm That is a big question? (I was thinking myself, why do we eat food?).He promptly asked me “then, what is the small question?”

One of the child who was using physical violence to communicate his emotions, I was working with him on alternative to hitting and kicking. He said, “when I am feeling angry I will come and sit next to you, once I am cool I will go”. I asked, “how long do you want to depend on me?”.He said with clarity, “see, aunty, self awareness will take time, till then I will depend on you”.

Last week one child came to me and asked, “I know, you have been sharing, but once again can you share what all concerns do you have with some of my behaviors”?I shared my list.After a thought, he shared, “so, you are saying…..”, he paraphrased all my concerns in his language’.After a thought he expressed ‘I understand what you are going through, I will not say it will be alright in a day, but I am beginning to understand what you are saying, give me some time to work on this’.Suddenly I felt I had no concerns :).

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