There is a popular Buddha story, which goes like this: Once, when Buddha and his disciples were meditating, a man came up to Buddha and asked, “Are you meditating?” Buddha opened his eyes, smiled at the man and said, “Yes, I am, can we talk in afternoon”. Saying this Buddha closed his eyes. Later the disciples could not contain themselves, complained to Buddha, “Not only his question was foolish, anyone could plainly see that you were meditating, on top of that you answered him also, breaking your meditation. We could have responded to him.” Buddha again smiled and replied, “He had a need. I responded to it. He continued and so did I. That is meditation.

If only I could learn from this story even half an ounce of its wisdom. If only I could realize that relaxation, acceptance, respect, understanding – almost all of these do not emanate from what we see, but what we choose to see.

Step back, Change the window, There was a time When my reasons were in line. Switch light, Change the shadow, There is a view Where my intentions are true.

And finally a poster i got somewhere from internet just for you to think –

do you want the child to change ?


do you change the want to change ?