Inside the car


I drive car – I know how to start and where to fill petrol and also what is puncture and how to get it repaired – beyond this i have no learning connection with car – I wondered why not!

This week we explored what is inside the car. We opened the bonnet and looked inside what all makes car to move. We also looked below the car – observed each motion in engine with care – what happens when we steer the wheel or how it changes gear or what move when one applies brake or clutch… one child exclaimed “there is so much inside the car”.

Then we watched a small presentation about the parts of the engine – we all were curious to know. I came closer to my car, now every time I will change the gear, I know what is happening below my car or how is coolant is working to make a smooth ride. It was also interesting to know how petrol burns and converts into energy. Sometimes all this feel like fairy land – may be because we are so far from reality. Enjoying understanding things around me with kids at Aarohi.