Indian Democracy

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Indian democracy and elections with Randheer to start understanding current affairs

Few questions we heard – Who is our ruler? Do we any ruler? Who is making rules? Who is giving us the facilities? Who is protecting us? If we have prime minister, then why do we have a chief minister? Who is working to create facilities? Who heads the govt? Can I be a prime minister? How do we select or elect our leaders?

Few words we heard – Direct election, all citizens of india above 18yrs, can vote, win the election, Representative democracy, elect, representative, Local self government, mayor, facilities, central government, vidhan soudha, Capital of state, local facilities, towns and villages, panchayat, state government, central government, invade, defense, foreign policy, war, peace, taxes, police, illegal, inhuman, education, land policies, health care, elections, GST, income tax, business tax, wealth tax, electricity, roads, lights, drains, libraries, facilities, foreign companies, goods manufacturing in country, importing, excise duty, custom Dept., Company tax, excemption, rules and facilities, applicable to all, shared responsibilities, disagreement, transportation policy dispute, municipal, BBMP, elections, ward members, why to have so many govt, manage city, town and state, layers of govt, elections, vote, voters, elect, representative, corporation, ward member, frequency of election, who can vote, adult, whom to vote, campaigns, growing economy, who is our representative, dedicated, influence, study our representative…the session ended but some discussions continued, some slept in the middle of the session, some kept themselves awake in the night and some got curious to know what is happening in Kashmir!

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