impact of our actions


Sometimes we underestimate the impact of our actions

Two recent stories
Preeti, she is 28 yrs old now. When she was around 12 yrs old, she did a summer program based on the Multiple Intelligence “discover me” program with us in Bangalore. Last week she called up and said “the experience which I got in that program, I want to recreate for more kids”. She went on and acquired the architecture degree, But now working on creating an art space for the people to come and experience in a far set up in Agra. Her memories of those experiences are still alive and she wants to create that environment of the kids in her project.

Malavika, we lovingly used to call her “Malu”. A kid in our summer program, not as a participant but as an intern. She just wanted to do something during summer. Within a week she took over the entire reception work and we even offered her the job “). She shared yesterday “I’m not sure you remember me, but when I was 15 years old I did an internship with you guys. I now run a space called the hive, for kids in Dubai – and teach 350 of the drama and public speaking! I just thought Imust connect and tell you what an impact you have had on my life.”

In both cases, we actually didn’t do anything extra – we only did what made us keep ALIVE. We enjoyed creating different experiences through our programs and we continue to do so.
Inviting each one of you to go ahead and make that IMPACT you can CREATE. Go ahead and do what makes you ALIVE. the world needs people who have come ALIVE!