Imitation or Inspiration

One of the child is my session likes to copy winners and heroes. He will buy their clothes and accessories which makes him look like than (latest is football players), he will watch their actions in the match and copy the exactly same actions and will announce “i did like him”.For few days it made me a bit irritated with his showoff. I also had the choice to complain about parents and the environment and pampering they do without any thoughts. I decided to do it ulta pulta.

We talked about “inspiration”.
We looked at the dictionary to find the meaning of “inspiration” (here is what I introduced the word, without much worry about the meaning”.
We talked about the different usages “how can Ocean inspire someone to paint?”
We looked into the various things we can do to inspire – copy, read about them, develop skills, spend time with people who inspire us, do something with that inspiration.

Suddenly the irritation for me turned into inspiration 🙂

I got inspired by this child to get inspired from someone so deeply.