InHelp matessession – we felt the needs for children to become aware of the kind of images they have of themselves.So we began our journey of exploring self-images

  1. The first question was ‘What kind of person I think I am?’ The responses were -Independent,Reserve,Silent,Intelligent,Sensitive to others,Optimistic,Thinker,Simple,Hardworking,To be with me,Contended, Satisfied,Persistence,Non-ambitious,Confident,Trustworthy,Outdoor,Pessimistic,Creative
  2. The second question was “What do you think what others think about you?” – the responses were Successful,Happy in life,Reserve,Responsible, Lazy, Not good in studies and so on
  3. The third question was “What do you want others to thinkabout you?”The responses were-Silent,Reflective,Focus on self,Responsible, Successful, Caring and so on

ThisActivitywas for awareness – to draw or write images or adjectives that – we put on ourselves, we think others think about us and finally what we want others to think about us.This gave us insight that how we think about self, how we want others to think and what we need.TheEach child had his own way of looking at self.

The second activity was REFLECTIVE – to question these images. We took many of these adjectives and asked ourselves – are we NEVER like this or SOMETIMES like this or ALWAYS like this. For example – shy – “Am I NEVER shy or SOMETIMES shy or ALWAYS shy? This question was difficult to deal with as many were puzzled now ‘how can I have different images?’. While they agreed that they are not always same, it was difficult to believe that they are different at different times.

Since most of the answers were SOMETIMES – the question to ponder was CAN I BE CALLED shy (or any other adjective for that matter) ?

The next Activity was to PROJECT – what will happen if – we did not have any image of ourselves – what if we were free of all images? This was most difficult with a question’how is this possible?”