Identify Habits of Mind

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I know what I want to do, planning is done, time slots are assigned, but it still does not happen and it happens – why? What is that something working inside us which is making it happen or making it not happen?

Yes…you are there “Habits of mind”. They are the operating system of our beings. Once we understand, we understand ourselves – what habits of my mind are making certain things happen and not making certain things happen.

We first role modeled ourselves – We analyzed our own habit of mind which we have been exhibited, we also analyzed the value for that, and the strategies we are using. This was just for sampling to know that we have certain habits of mind and we also have the ability to come up with our own strategies.
Next, we to identify 2-3 habits of mind which can help to achieve what we want to achieve – we did a three-step analysis
What habit of mind?
Why? What value?
What are all strategies?

And the strategies are our next step in our detailing of the planning process!

Note for parents/Guides

If the child says “I did not do this” –

You may ask “how would you like to do?” In a way, you are asking “what habit of mind can you use?”

You may ask “why do you want to achieve by doing this?” in a way you are asking “what value do you see in doing this task?”
You may ask “What will help you to do?” in a way you are asking “what strategy do you want to use to do what you want to do?”

Discover the TOOL together of achievement – We can develop any success characteristics via day to day experiences. In a way by asking the different kinds of questions, you are creating such opportunities.