I will, I can

A beautiful week it was with many resources to read. Variety in books was a treat for children. They picked up the book which they wanted. Stayed with it for some time, sometimes the cover of the book created the curiosity and all minds were eager to know what the content was. We read for fun, for finding meanings, for using word in our sentences, to learn a language and just to be by self.

A journey which was filled with the thought I am able and I know what I want. At any point anybody was stuck they were ready to move on with the options of asking peer, using the words in their own way and to see does the same make any sense. I as faculty was not in a hurry to give them a solution but was part of their journey by playing with the words with them, using the words in different places and also sharing my own thoughts when I see big words. How sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I use it in many places sometimes I will find the meaning and still not use it. Each one is moving ahead for the long weekend with a determination to read more stories, to get more vocabulary or to play with words.
Each one moving ahead with the belief that I can read and I will read wherever required. Trust me and give me the space.