I know your emotions

During KAA, an outstation trip, one child got down from bus and went to dark side. I had just announced that it is dark on left side, go towards back of the bus, take luggage and proceed towards the hotel. After she went into the dark, I asked “lets discuss your understanding about safety”. She started “why should I talk to you, my parents did not send me to talk to you, why should I waste my money and talk to you and not go to play with my friends, I beg you, I do not want to talk……………..I listened for half an hour. In between when I got the chance to speak I repeated “I am talking about safety and listening”.

I do not remember how we ended. Next day, I approached to emotional team, and asked “I want to put up a case”. I further expressed “I do not deserve shouting for half an hour”. All were listening to our conversation last night.

Emotional team did not speak much to the child and within minutes she came to me “I am sorry, I will not do this again”. I was angry ( I may be hurt), I started “I do not deserve, I am not going to listen again…………..”. Emotional team informed me “she came to you to say sorry and you were angry with her”. I went to her and said “sorry, you came to say sorry to me and I was angry”.

She said “its okay, I know sometimes people cannot tell sorry when they are still angry, I should have waited for your anger to come down” After this thrice she expressed “I am really really very sorry, what I did last night”.

Phew!!! This child made me think with her own thinking and simplicity of expressions.