I know myself


I am able, I know myself
I am able, I know what I am doing
I am able, what I think

Sharing some of the reflection shared by kids at the end of the week. And all this reflection did not come just like that – week started with stimulation on what is self concept, this was followed by re-working on schedule to accommodate various needs and one of them was to be able to work on land in the morning (noons are sunny) and watch movie together. Well, we all moved on with our goals which varied from making greeting card, work on kitchen garden, make tree house, explore natural perfume, work on resources, explore books in library, play with slopes, paint car, work on Aarohi accounts, work on reading and writing, running of kitchen, ……….in addition to this explore division in math lab, make lights in solar lab, make safety poster in safety lab, understand resources in resource lab, read and explore language in literature club…………..and our day to day work continued like setting up and cleaning sessions ares, making our beds, take care of pets, work on daily meals, do repairs and so on…………and we do not like to miss sports, football is on high. All this work does not stop us from playing in teak wood on swings, climbing trees, exchanging songs on tabs and mobiles and of-course watching movies.

Here is what kids reflected

  • I reflected about my images about myself. I reflected upon failure and success. I reflected about acceptance when I am angry, sad and when I make mistakes. I also realized I am taking up too many projects thus I am not ready for any new challenges in my work. Therefore I reworked my goals and my commitments.
  • When I was remaking schedule, I was reflective that If my needs are not satisfied, I do it in other times. When I take too many goals and do for half an hour each, then it is difficult and my focus is on time. When I do only one work with focus, I am able to work on it. When I find images of myself, I just think how is this helping or not helping, If this is not helping then what can I do so it helps me.
  • I was experimenting, thinking how to connect lights and battery, I was observing and learning different ways. I was working with understanding and looking for understanding. I think If I try hard and persevering, then I can understand. I am feeling good, proud and nice about myself.
  • I am taking responsibility of what I am doing and what all I can do. I was thinking I can do the work, I started working alone and finishing the work. I am learning to work how to work this first and this first. I am trying to play football slow to play with other children, I am also learning to pass the ball. I think about myself that how many days I can stay here, and come back and again have fun. I also think when will my school finish for me, will I stay here for all the days or will go out. I want to stay here and learn. I think why should I read notices, when I read them I learn to read. I think I am nice, I talk to children nicely. Sometimes I speak with anger. I think I am useful, I help in tree, I work in many labs, I work on kitchen site. When I do not work, I think why I did not do this. I am feeling nice, I am thinking why do I eat tobacco, I am not able to understand myself. I took one mango leaf and then added sugar and salt. Only juice of the leaf came out, it was not like tobacco. It want to find out more about tobacco.
  • I observed sky. I went for solar lab to make light hanger. In the evening I observed sun setting, I played math game on Ganesha drawing, It was printed and kept.
  • When I think the work is very easy, I do not focus on the work too much. Its not only about keeping things for charging but also counting what all is missing. For campus responsibility, it is about commitment and I have to do it, if I do not do it will affect our community and other people have to do it and I feel bad. I believe in few people who are successful, and I do not believe in other people who are not successful. For myself I believe I am successful in sports, working on art and craft, keeping things clean, reading, writing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, taking care of pets, repairing, thinking, drawing, ideas, taking care of things. I think sometimes I am not successful in taking care of things, listening, understanding what others are saying, in singing, till now in farming. I feel that I am very nice, I am successful in something and not in something. I am feeling nice about myself that I could write reflection by myself.
  • My respect in the group is my my hand, I need to listen to others. I think success is winning. I feel happy and when I loose and I have tried my best, I do not feel sad. If If do not try my best to play and loose, I feel a bit bad. I do not accept my mistakes, bit I accept my mistakes in spelling. I feel bad when I tease others and I reflect back why did I tease. Sometimes I donot accept myself.
  • I was making greeting card and I was getting bored, I joined solar lab to make lamp. Because I was feeling that would be more challenging then making greeting card. I made lamp, I used old rusted cap of a paint box, LED light, then battery and wires. I took responsibility of washing my vessels, bed, blanket, my bag and my torch also. Little bit I was not responsible for the torch, I left on the table.