I do not want MI way!!

It was week of logic genie. Objective was procedural skills. I was ready with my stimulation which can cater various levels. My thirteen year old child comes to me and informs that she is not joining for stimulation and she is clear about her goal. I told “you can move ahead. I have a need to know your goal. I will come to you after my stimulation.”

When I went to her, she shared that she is not going to use any MI. Her need was to understand eight math concepts along with the process of calculating the same. She told “I know them but I don’t have confidence in me while talking about the same to others or while applying it in my project. I want to focus on that.” I was totally job less as far as this child was concerned. I left her in her own world of understanding. Third day I asked her “how is life?” She smiled and replied: ”I am still at the second concept. Whenever I am not clear about any terms or any step I am going back and understanding the same. I do not want to leave anything half way.”

Need was driving herself. No external push was given to her. Within four days she had covered six levels of math books. I remembered my school day when I never understood because I was in a hurry to finish before exams. My preparation was for marks and not for understanding. I never had time to understand but, I always scored wellL. I could see self learning process. She was totally independent and moving with lot of confidence.