I Design – Discuss – Do

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Designing a robot, with measurement – started with any measurement and then this much, that much, and then a big inch and small inch and feet.
Understanding scale measurement – small inch, big-inch, feet what are these??

The detailed design of Robot, a lot of discussion on understanding big, small, medium and then actual size and then collecting resources, marking and then ready to “DO”. 3 hours of continuous design and discussion. The process helped to understand the small, medium, big, and OK and not OK from an 8-year-old child from his point of view.

“Design, discuss, do” – finally ready with her musical tool exploring Music. This child started with mentally I thought and ready, later she took an hour to design, and then collect resources and some failures. Finally, the child was into the action of doing. Tried 3 different tools and chose the one he felt comfortable with. A lot went into understanding tools.

A lot went into thinking while visualizing the size marking and how it looks big, small, medium, and reworked on his measurements again.